Grondradar nieuws: Mala EL Widerange HDR

Grondradar nieuws: Mala EL Widerange HDR

GEPLAATST OP 06-07-2017

MALÅ Grondradar Easy Locator Pro WideRange HDR:

Grondradar KMT Services

  • Latest addition to the MALÅ Easy Locator product family
  • Non-intrusive GPR (ground-penetrating-radar) technology
  • Developed for utility detection  precise location and depth of buried infrastructure (pipes, cables etc.)
  • Dual-head sensor antenna with an effective bandwidth of 80−950 MHz
  • Antenna: MALÅ Semi-Real-Time sampling HDR Technology
  • High resolution data acquisitionsimultaneous shallow and deep targets
  • Re-engineered MALÅ EL Pro Cart with improved stability, folding mechanics and a new battery
    compartment with smoother handling and more battery space.
  • Alternative data views with a movable horizontal divider (view more or less of the high resolution
    or deep penetrating data respectively)
    grondradar nieuwe antenne

De nieuwste Grondradar van Mala, heeft nu een WideRange antenne.

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